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Darlings – ‘Why?’

Fresh off the back of a shift in their routes, alternative quartet Darlings return through the thrilling ranks of 'Why?'.

Embodying elements of Rock n Roll and taking the influence of The Who and Rolling Stones - the London risers give us a sneak peek into what we can expect in the coming months through snappy riffs with the flow of dulcet tones that take you away from reality.

As they keep to their rawness yet energetic traits within their soundscapes, Darlings new era is a nostalgic getaway to the bliss of summer fields surrounded by the unforgettable crowds we have all missed. "We're so excited for everyone to hear the new and

improved, Darlings. We've been working super hard, and having Liam onboard has been so refreshing for our sound - it's unreal!" bassist Bailey Burnett said. "The new release is full of energy! Whether it's a car stereo or a festival crowd this summer, we hope 'Why?' will lead everyone together, dancing and singing out loud now we have brighter days ahead of us!"

Whilst a new change is always seen as a risk, Darlings fresh take is here to stay.