Danny Ray - 'Strawberry Kisses'

If 1975 and Declan Mckenna had a baby together, Danny Ray would pop out as he hits his prime with his latest single 'Strawberry Kisses'.

Immersing through the routes of funk, soul, and rock - London-based Danny Ray finds the perfect blend of nostalgic soundscapes within 'Strawberry Kisses' as he journeys through the troubles of falling into an unwanted relationship.

As he bounces between the pros and cons, that's emphasised by the influx of synth-beats listeners who have experienced the journey Danny portrays can resonate with the confusions of faking love. Whilst his sound differs from many around him, Danny shows growth within his artistry but, also maturity as he continues to develop into an artist of his own world.

From his EP 'Lovesick' to 'Strawberry Kisses' - Danny Ray possesses a unique style that only he can pull off.

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