Danny George - 'Thinking out Loud'

Stockholm based singer-songwriter and producer returns with his soulful, groovy single 'Thinking out Loud' and announces his new EP that is due to be out early next year.

Having recently, moved to Sweden from London, Danny George is embarking on a new challenge that sees a change of direction in modern electronic indie. 'Thinking out Loud' isn't just a single but a journey through smooth vocals and upbeat synths that reflect on a young man's quest to find love, or as he describes it: "It's a 20-something-year-old's ode to dating in the modern age".

With an infused-open orchestral string that's weaved together with rest of the production, Danny George creates an emotional yet intriguing audio landscape. Following on from his previous EP 'Crushed Comfort', the artist is cementing himself with his latest single 'Thinking out Loud'.

Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled as Danny George's playful creativity and understanding of how to portray a true meaning to music is setting him out from others.

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