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Danny George EP - Romance In High Definition

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Cementing himself within the world of music, the British born Danny George encapsulates the feeling of romance through the breezing sounds of his sophomore EP Romance In High Definition.

Leaning away from his successful journey of his debut EP Crushed Comfort, Danny twist and turns through an exploration of modern love and delves into the pitfalls, the nostalgic highs and everything in-between. As he fills the six track-project with his signature style of electronic indie, alongside the delicate soundscapes of kaleidoscopic beats, the rising producer and singer-songwriter finds his paths and comes to term with the heart-warming emotions through intricate storytelling.

Opening with the euphoric 'I'm Just' that echoes the hyper realities of the detailed narrative - the track subtly flows into 'Thinking Out Loud' - a relaxing offering that's satisfied with the depiction of electric guitar and ends with a high peak of joy. This is then followed by the slow, yet upbeat magnetic soundscapes within 'We're Young' that resonates the early days of Tame Impala.

As we enjoy the sun-soaked tracks of sultry emotions that play on our mind, Danny lead single 'Tell Me What You Want' is the heart-throbbing stand out that we didn't know we needed. Blossoming through uplifting electro-pop with the refreshing, honest message of a long-distance relationship, 'Tell Me What You Want' is perfect for the ocean drive of the glistening sunset. Speaking about his latest project, Danny explained: "I really wanted to look back at the glory years of pop, the 60, the 70s and 80s that I grew up listening to, and put my own spin on it. I didn’t mean for it all to feel so routinely nostalgic like it did, but I am glad about how it came out.”

With hit singles, a debut project that hit the mark, and now embracing the journey of love within Romance In High Definition to his name, Danny compelling, wholesome and groovy sound is taking him on a route of success.