Dance Lessons - 'Just Chemistry'

London-based Dance Lessons create the perfect alignment between them within their most refined single, 'Just Chemistry'.

Between the lustrous vocal tones and minimal yet intriguing productions, the female-fronted trio dominates through their first offering of 2021 as they overcome the complications of relationships.

Keeping to their 'serrated pop', the rising trilogy infuses elements of shifting synths with the floating flow of bursting saxophone undertoned throughout the production of soul alt-pop. Speaking about 'Just Chemistry', frontwoman Ann added: "Last year was a difficult one. For a long time, I felt at the mercy of my emotions. I doubted where things were going. I lived in the future and found it hard to commit to the present. But these moments of not knowing can be equally thrilling and beautiful. And that’s what the song is about: finding beauty in the unspoken. In most cases, it’s the chemistry that makes us fall in love. Things end all is temporary. Let’s not go to war with one another over it.”

From their debut 'Smabto' to 'Just Chemistry', the rising Dance Lessons have graced us through a time of struggle and continue to rise on their mission.

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