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Dan D’Lion - 'When One Thing Leads to Another'

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The newly-released album has a fresh, alt-pop sound and includes already acclaimed single ‘Pull Me Under’ along with brand new tracks ‘Lay Next 2 U’ and ‘Superwoman’.

The album’s title track ‘When One Thing Leads To Another’ confirms Dan D’Lions unique, experimental sound with a dynamic and climatic build-up of echoing electronic instrumentals towards the end of the track.

Dan D’Lion’s alternative, varied sound origins in his hometown Reading, where he was raised into a musical family with his dad being a jazz drummer. At first, inspired by a mixture of influences including Stevie Wonder and Rage Against the Machine, Dan D’Lion has now found his sound through artists like Steve Lacy and Sampha.

‘When One Thing Leads To Another’ is a complex mixtape, which gives listeners a real variety of sounds ranging from more up-beat singles such as ‘Impressions’ and ‘Superwoman’ to slower instrumental tracks including ‘AMILLION21’ and ‘Lay Next 2 U’ reflecting Dan D’Lion’s soulful influences and strong vocals distorted through auto-tune.

The mixtape is vibrant and well-produced, featuring mellow tempos and catchy melodies through strong energetic vocals heard in ‘Push 45’ and ‘When One Thing Leads To Another’.

Talking about the album Dan D’Lion explained: “This project is a dive into those emotions I feel in a relationship. From the first time, you meet someone… the intrigue and interest…to feeling infatuated and fascinated by them. All honest relationships have their ups and downs and I've learned things from every relationship and friendship which has allowed me to better myself.”

With only two EP’s to date - Perspective and Betterman - Dan D’Lion has proved himself as an undeniable talent and once again shown us what he is made of.

Listen to the mixtape here.