Dameer - 'Believe'

Rising star Dameer latest single 'Believe' is fulfilled with jazz and joy that is simple to catch onto.

Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, the 20-year-old newcomer is constantly growing as he takes influences from his surroundings to write songs that are both intimate and vast. Opening with synth stabs alongside a dynamic drum beat, Dameer blends infectious hooks that perfectly fit with his laid back vocals. Whilst he tackles big topics from politics to mental health, Dameer juxtaposes these subjects through positive, and heartfelt melodies.

Speaking about the single he said: "'Believe' is about romantic PTSD. It’s about wanting to move on from a past relationship but not being able to, seeing her in every potential romantic partner. I stopped trusting my instincts. I stopped believing in myself. It’s an absurd feeling."

Having learnt music in Dhaka, it was his move to Kuala Lumpur that expanded his knowledge as a lyricist and channelling his feeling into his songwriting. From raw, honest productions to psychedelic vocals, Dameer is embracing the bridge between the East and the West.

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