DAME - 'Cold Water'

Funky, jazzy and glitzy all in one single. Birmingham indie-pop band DAME are back with their highly anticipated single, 'Cold Water'.

Formed in the midst of the University of Birmingham, each individual shows their story from crying outside Med School to being kicked out of an open mic; all of which came together to bring a four-piece project of young yet highly talented artists.

'Cold Water' is the work of a two-year hiatus that cries to move forward and let go of the toxicity in life through a strong lead of vocals from singer Shannon Farmer to upbeat guitar riffs. With their new approach on emotional alt-pop, DAME has produced an anthemic glistening track that flows alongside detailed lyricism of "giving your ego time to put me down every night" to screaming your heart out 'Get over it'. This is a song that can resonate with anyone who has experienced a toxic relationship as Shannon Farmer said: "Cold Water is a big middle finger to the toxic person in your life that, until now, you struggled to let go of. It’s a reminder to stop self-sabotaging for the hope that something might change, and instead of trying to gain back control

With planned music being, released left, right and centre, the Birmingham based band have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. If you liked Muna or Pale Wave, then you're going to have 'Cold Water' on repeat.

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