Dakota Simpson - 'Flâneur'

An ethereal take of dreamy landscapes that's divine yet warm from rising English singer-songwriter Dakota Simpson's latest single 'Flâneur’'.

Drawing from the French definition of a 'wanderer' of everyday life in urban society; Dakota and the band bring to life murky, psychedelic productions alongside cinematic lyricism that keep you on standstill as you questions your own emotions.

Through the fuzzy feeling of vocals, that are dearly intimate; Dakota captures the true meaning of our life as we spin through a whirlwind of events. Speaking of her music, she said: "I want to transport people through my music and create a magical soundscape for people to feel encapsulated by - let's have some fun too!"

Coming alive back in 2019 with her debut single 'Too Comfortable', Dakota Simpson conveys a series of messages through wistful melodies and flickering arrangements that lead to pensive pop.

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