Cucamaras - 'Safe Bet'

As Cucamaras enjoy the roaring oaths of live music again, we continue to rock against the hottest band of the UK music scene with their latest release, 'Safe Bet'.

Maintaining their lyrical wit with the post-punk flow of scratchy instrumentals, the Nottingham quartet juxtaposes the experience of the implications of a failing social life through the buoyant perspective of modern-old-school tendencies.

Riffed up by the main body of work, fulfilled with addictive guitar strings and percuss drums, Cucamaras delve into an emotion of feelings and explained: “'Safe Bet' was written whilst I was in university. It was one of the first times I’d written about direct experiences, not my own, but what I was observing at the time. 'Safe Bet' was me, sat hungover in my grim uni room, deeping how it’s actually sad and mentally draining to navigate complex relationships at uni, but I do tap into the whit of it all at times too."

In short, the emerging outfit continues to become a force to be reckoned with, with the evident works of 'Safe Bet' helping out.

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