Cucamaras - 'Death of the Social'

Off the street Cucamaras, bring a forcing attitude to the Nottingham music scene with their latest release, 'Death of the Social'.

As they roared through 2020, this year is no different, with their first offering setting the standards high with distinctive instrumental soundscapes, alongside echoed undertones that haunt between the lead singer’s unique vocals.

Whilst listeners enjoy the modern take of post-punk, the story that's deepened within the detailed lyricism explores the world of internal anxieties through the social divide of our society. Speaking about the track, Josh Hart added: "The lyrics that Olly wrote for the track took a simple but stark form. I think we both enjoy how literal and honest the track is, and that’s matched with probably the most simple song structure we’ve ever had, but that chorus has an impact, and I think it will be somewhat of a protagonist in our live set. You can’t not go nuts for that, surely?”

From forming in 2019 to growing into a new direction, the rising quartet are ready to take the stage by storm.

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