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Crystal Tides - 'Headcase'

South-Coast indie-pop quartet are continuing to pursue the fast-pace momentum they have gained with their latest offering 'Headcase' that's forefronted by the bliss of emotions.

As they follow through with their classic sound of modern feel-good pop melodies infused by emphatic guitar riffs - perfect for the fainted summer days out - Crystal Tides delve deep into their vulnerabilities as they stick their head into the feelings of being lead on. Whilst their past releases have been on repeat for many, 'Headcase' show a twist within their work that's smooth and glossed over canorous vocal tones.

Speaking about their latest release, Crystal Tides said: "'Headcase' is

about being led on by a person who is using you, which causes you to go a little bit insane. The emotions you deal with alongside the mental battle inside your head because you can't figure out why you can't stop thinking about that one person despite the fact they’re just playing with your head. You know it's wrong but, you think somehow you can make it work.”

From 'Courtney Love' to 'Headcase', Crystal Tides are in for the long run as they champion the world of indie-pop for music that should not be ignored.