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Corella - 'Monday'

Manchester-based Corella is the perfect and latest offering to the world of music as they make a striding entrance to 2021 for their latest release, 'Monday'.

From their debut 'Waterfall' in 2016 to their new single 'Monday', the rising stars show growth yet bring more punch and colour through the catchy-alternative pop soundscapes that set them out from others. Named after the worst day of the week, Corella bring life to a time of despair that keeps me in awe of their mindset.

Speaking about their latest single, vocalist Joel Smith explained: "'Monday’ came from the frustration of not being able to do the things we love. With the simple things in life being taken away, you realise how valuable your time is with everything. Instead of hating Mondays, we must learn to love them and take every opportunity that comes our way!”

As they continue to bring indie-pop to life through atmospheric production and surging guitars, the indie four-piece have made a name for themselves within the heart of the city but now look further across the UK since signing to Scruff of the Neck.