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Conrad Deadly - 'Apple Tree'

Margate based, Conrad Deadly is back with his stripped back third single of 2020.

With his musical roots firmly embedded in punk, Britpop and folk-infused together with a warm yet rapturous balance; emphasises the messages of rebellion and hope that echoes through his music.

Taking back from his previous two releases that carry an indie-punk vibe, 'Apple Tree' takes on more of a folk arrangement but, still has a lasting impact on the listeners. Within the background of the track, acoustic guitar paired with subtle piano dances alongside echoing guitar lines. Cross over with the artists delicate, softly spoken vocals that desire for the liberty to love whoever you please.

Speaking about the release Conrad said: "I wrote the song overlooking Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo when I was 19 originally. Then when the love I guess it was about had expired, the friend who produced it was helping me get my shit together and we recorded it in a disgusting flat in Whitechapel. Then it’s kind of sat on a shelf a while. Then Paula [my girlfriend] heard it and was inspired to write the video which is about freedom. Freedom to love & hold any man or woman you see fit to regardless of religious & cultural backgrounds." He added: "The two dancers of the video inspired the story. One is a 30 something Malaysian guy who told us he could never admit to his parents he has married his partner, as even telling them he was gay required him to build a support system for the first. The other dancer is a black man who upon revealing to his mother his feelings towards men asked him if he was doing it for money. Neither feels they have been accepted, only tolerated. I was unaware that in London in 2020 (one of the most open and accepting places I've ever been) people are still feeling this level of shame & oppression from their own family, let alone the world around them for the love they hold in their hearts."

Alongside creating music that is influenced by his travels, the artist also happens to be an internationally acclaimed model, but that's a whole different story.

As he takes honesty throughout his lyrics, creates infectious melodies and unstoppable sing-along choruses, Conrad is destined for a big future.