Cody Frost: The New Face of Pop-Rock

From the heartbeats of busking to the stage of The Voice UK, Cody Frost is causing quite the stir within the music scene.

Known for her unique blend of raw abilities yet real tendencies with the flow of pop-rock soundscapes, the emerging UK singer-songwriter is slowly sitting ahead of her competitors. With already making an impact with her debut 'verbal warnings' and her following, sophomore single 'High/Bye', Cody finds her debut EP, It's Not Real in the heart of artistry.

With a fast rise into the music scene within the oaths of 2021, Cody isn't stopping anytime soon as she readies herself for the release of new music and sets herself for live shows.

As we slowly see the world get back to normal, we caught up with Cody to talk about what to expect from her EP, her art as a singer and tattoo artist and what the future holds.

Firstly, congratulations on your latest single '(I should) take better care'. Personally, what does this song mean to you, and what do you hope to achieve from it?

Thank you! This song is a reminder that it’s okay to ask for help and that I’m not alone essentially. It sounds cliche, but I guess I was trying to normalise my feelings a little.

Delving into the emotions of struggling and admitting sometimes we need help, did you find it hard to find the perfect spot between each feeling, and how did you overcome this challenge?

I usually write however I’m feeling on the day, each song dictates its own feeling though, and if we’re building a track that doesn’t fit the mood, I try to pull out the emotion of the song if I find it more interesting.

As you take the music scene by storm with your third release of 2021, what made you start releasing your own music now and what has been your favourite release so far?

I needed a minute to rest and refocus I think, it was hard staying quiet for so long; but I needed to get back on my feet and focus on writing. Last year just wasn’t the right time for me or my team, so I’m glad we waited until now! My favourite release so far is probably 'verbal warnings' - it’s a good introduction to the kind of music I write the most and makes me boogie ha-ha.

Speaking of new music, we hear that your debut EP is coming out in a few weeks - how excited are you for the release, and what secrets can you spill to our readers?

The last song on the EP is my favourite! I designed my own outfit and animated parts of the video myself!

Titled 'It's Not Real', how did the EP creative process come together, and what is the overall theme of the debut project?

This EP is essentially about coming to grips with growing up and living in the adult world whilst dealing with an identity crisis ha-ha. It’s a culmination of five years, and each song deals with issues I’ve faced over that time.

On the other hand, of your music, you are also a tattoo artist. How important are the arts to you and to be yourself in your work?

I have always wanted to do both! I always said I would never work in a place that didn’t let me look the way I wanted, although I understand that is a privilege, I also wasn’t good at maintaining jobs that got to choose how I look/what I do. Art is a critical part of my life, and I don’t know if I would exist without it. I use it in my music as much as I can because it’s so ingrained in me.

In addition, with balancing two professions, do you believe that we need to see changes in the way the music industry works, especially after such a crazy year and personally, what do you hope to see change?

I hope to see more people making music because they feel like it! Not because it’s their job!! We need to take it easy on ourselves, although I am aware that money struggles play a big part in it all; I think we deserve a pat on the back!

Looking back at your breakthrough into music, how did Cody Frost start and what influenced you to become an artist?

I have always been a singer! My mum was in bands my whole life, and I guess I just picked it up. I was in every school show, every choir performance and posted YouTube videos as often as I could from being about 13! I was heavily influenced by emo music and metal-core, and this also had a big impact on me at a young age; I kind of became obsessed with this idea of being on stage.

From busking in the streets of Manchester to appearing on The Voice UK and now amassing thousands of streams, how would you describe your time so far in music?

I’ve had fast highs and long lows; I think it’s prepared me a little. But I hope to never slow down again. Releasing my own music has been amazing, and the response had been incredible! Everyone has been so supportive, and I’m so thankful.

Finally, with your debut EP coming out, live shows coming back and becoming one to watch, what is next for Cody Frost?

We’re looking at possibly some live shows at the end of the year (but there may be more music to come first.

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