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Circumnavigate - 'Keep A Moment'

Taking a slice from their upcoming EP - the Nordic alt-pop four-piece resonate the happy moments in life as we challenge the confined spaces of society within 'Keep a Moment'.

Written and pieced together during the aftermath of lockdown, the song was fully produced in house by lead singer, Sigrid Zenier-Gundersen and co-produced by drummer, Ross Leslie Craib. Keeping to their signature sound that has immersed a growing audience, the bands delicate, ethereal soundscapes that follow with beautifully layered vocals, snapshot the raw emotions within a light yet powerful single.

With the help of The Parallax Orchestra, Circumnavigate capture a positive outlook on what's happening around us yet offering listeners an intimate warmth track that's fulfilled with emotions.

From one single to another, 2020 hasn't exactly been the year to scream about, but for one rising band; Circumnavigate have shown the world who they are.