Children of the State - Tragic Carpet & the Magical Wasp Gang from Notre-Dame

Children of the State have just released their EP, Tragic Carpet & the Magical Wasp Gang from Notre-Dame (which for obvious reasons, I will be referring to as Tragic Carpet) – a debut EP that’s just over ten minutes long despite the mouthful of a name.

We’ve already heard opening single ‘Hot Money’, a damning criticism of money’s power in the modern world which combines dark guitars and vocal effects to create a one-of-a-kind sound that fuses and defies the boundaries of genre.

‘On A Clear Day You Can See Forever’ and ‘Give Up the Ghost’ combine cutting edge modern rock music with classically intriguing vocals, creating a sound that lies somewhere between Kasabian and Lou Reed. Keeping up the same guitar and vocal effects throughout the album, the result is impressively consistent.

‘Baby Can You Dig Your Man?’ is the biggest surprise, lying at the heart of the album. Bursting through with an eclectic harmonica-electric guitar combo, it’s one of the catchiest tracks on Tragic Carpet, though they all have the potential to get stuck in your head.

Tragic Carpet is a short and sweet EP from the band, but it’s more than enough to intrigue the listener and make Children of the State a band to keep your eye on; I look forward to hearing what they release in the future.

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