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Chiiild ft. Mahalia - 'Awake'

A psychedelic joy of swooping RnB throughout the lustful offering of 'Awake'.

Featuring Jamaican-British Mahalia, Chiiild second single from his highly anticipated album Hope For Sale is entranced with the infusion of sensual guitars and bass strings that flow alongside the entwine of each individual soothing vocal tones.

Based on the illustrations of lovers reconnecting after a time that seems like forever, Chiiild aka. Yoni compares the feeling to "when the week’s finally over, and you need to take the weight off."

Through the simmering production of sensuous soundscapes, with the complementation of each artist, Chiiild latest single, 'Awake', gives us an exciting glimpse into his upcoming album released via the label Avant Garden Records.