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Chaz Cardigan EP - 'Holograma'

With the arrival of his acclaimed EP 'Vulnerabilia' earlier this year; Chaz Cardigan is back with an emotional fulfilled EP 'Holograma' that travels through the growth of his life and music.

On his latest project, Chaz makes a new leap in what he calls "cracking codes to emotion". Through dreamy soundscapes and an infused blend of R&B and modern pop, Chaz delves into a reflection of aspects of his life - from relationships, self-esteem and sexuality. Taking influences from his youth as he said: "I make songs I wish I heard as a teenager" and mini-rock band and high school loves such as Goo Goo Dolls and Lana Del Rey; Chaz has created his own project that shows off his identity to others to resonate.

Opening with 'Everything's Wrong', a track that one day you feel awful but, you know things can only get better; that feeling of letting go. As he infuses his lyrics with heartfelt humour 'Everything's Wrong' channels that sense of release by heavy tension throughout its verses to then exploding into an ecstatic chorus that screams relief. Elsewhere Chaz enters into his pasts and returns with new sights in his anthemic single 'Middle of the Road which he said: "It happened pretty spontaneously and without a lot of tinkering. I try not to think of writing as 'singles' if can help it, but I'm always trying to find sticky choruses and put as many hooks in a song as I can." Delving into the thought of what life would've been like if he'd stayed in his hometown, 'Middle of the Road' is a nostalgic upbeat track that highlights the feel of freedom.

The dreamy slow-burner 'Room' lures listeners into the artist's introspective memory of the bedroom of his first love. Talking about the single on a zoom, he said: "'Room' makes me feel warm. It was the first time I was feeling these emotions and, this huge swell of like 'omg this person feels this much emotion for me, and I feel this much for them.'" As Chaz continues to portray complex emotions in a brilliantly yet spacious EP, he added: "'Holograma' was written as my life was changing from signing my record deal, travelling back and forth from LA and being in my first relationship. I was able to let myself go through writing and, I am reliving, but not staying stuck in the past." Throughout the project, Chaz showcases his true inspiration of catchy post-grunge and delivers a guitar-laced fantasy of 'Let it Rest'; a track that you shouldn't dwell on the anxiety about the past. To the piano-driven powerhouse 'Jesus Christ, I'm Lonely', a subtle politically charge tune that echoes Chaz's belief in loving people.

The eight-track EP's psychedelic sound perfectly reflects the artist's musical journey. From his first part of involvement within the music industry as he giddies in a punk band to moving to Nashville to fulfil his dream. Chaz Cardigan is humble yet proud as he hopes his songs might inspire the same sense of boldness he has recently discovered in life.