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Celeste Live From Union Chapel

Emerging star of 2020 had me captivated from the let go with the possession of celestial vocals and characteristics that only her can grace the stage of London's Union Chapel.

Whilst I wasn't there in her presence, Brighton-raised Celeste offered fans to watch it from the comfort of her home, including me, through the technology of Live Now. Though a bit different from what we have experienced in the past year, from Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes storming Brixton O2 to multiple acts offering exclusive sets, Celeste perfected the work of her years in music throughout the intimate set that swelled within the beautiful backdrop of the selected location.

With many of us only just getting back to live shows, Celeste even admitted: "It's quite a daunting idea when you go from having quite a lot of privacy for a year and a half to then having to go out and kind of like bear it all. And then as soon as I go out, I warm up into it, and then I realise again, oh that was just the nerves. Having all of these people in one room, it reminds you that you are dear to people that are so dear to you."

Alongside the wonders of her eight-piece backing band, we're treated to the opener of 'Ideal Woman' that is effortlessly addictive and flowed within the sounds of further tracks and reaches the bold 'Father's Son'. As each member of the socially distanced crowd, transfixed by the presence of one of the most exciting offerings British music has faced, the singer-songwriter drops the subtle 'Beloved' before the powerhouse of 'Stop This Flame' - one that everyone can't ignore.

Though we are still in the woods of chaos, on-lookers embraced the special moment as the show went on, and 'Strange' moving productions created the connection we have all been missing. At the end of a short encore, Celeste appeared one more final time to give what shows are all about with the unreleased soulful pop 'This Is Who I Am'.

Pre-pandemic Celeste was only getting started, now she is the future as she proves her worth once again with the return of live music.