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Casablanca Drivers - '205 502'

A funky infused track of electro-pop and rock-based artistry within French-based Casablanca Drivers latest single '205 502'.

Delving into a glimmer of soundscapes that captures a unique blend of indie-pop and subtle rock beats, the bands fourth single of their debut album 'Super Adventure Club' is a vibrant return to music.

Alongside resonating vocals, listeners are caught off guard throughout the dynamic melody that features an inspired instrumental of colourful synth-pop. Speaking more detail about the release, the duo said: "Like the three previous singles, the song keeps on with blending elements of pop and indie rock combined with saturated guitars and synths. An electric adventure to a mystical hotel that the band invite us to discover. The song's dynamic also owes a lot to James Ireland, music producer and instrumentalist from famous Australian band Pond who mixed the track."

From the formation of the band to now acclaiming worldwide recognition, Casablanca Drivers are looking ahead of their next step within the music industry.