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Cam M. - 'burn <3'

American's latest riser Cam M. treads through the dark tunnel of pop as she delves into the tales of not giving the satisfaction of intimacy to someone who doesn't deserve it within her latest single, 'burn <3'.

Drawing on the inspirations of Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez with her own growth of music, 'burn <3' compels the emotions of anger yet self-worth through the works of unique production and melodic organization. After hitting the mark from a young age, Cam M. continues to emerge through the chaos of music and grow a hard-hitting discography to put her forward as the frontrunner of risers.

Exploring detailed lyricism to tell her story, Cam M. shared: "There are multiple rather personal stories behind this song, but I’ve essentially developed too much pride and self-respect to romantically involve myself with people who cannot prove they deserve it." She added: "I cannot continue to allow myself to give more than I receive."

With the compelling single 'burn <3' joining her work, Cam M. is slowly making a dominant name for herself further afield than America, and in one luck, she might be on the verge of world domination.