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Callie Reiff & Kaeyra - 'Heart Ain't Safe'

American risers Callie Reiff and Kaeyra work electro-wonders within their infectious partnership throughout 'Heart Ain't Safe'.

Fulfilled with the evident progression of each artist, 'Heart Ain't Safe' is another example of female powerhouse and boldness that is soared by hypnotizing undertone beats entwined with the depicted soulful vocals. Splashed with the indie tendencies that flow within popsicle, dark soundscapes, the duo finds the perfect remedy to the future of music.

Speaking about their latest work, Callie said: “‘Heart Ain’t Safe’ is about that one person who is always in the back of your mind. Wherever you are at, you know if they were there, you would ditch the party to be with them. “I tried to mimic the lyrics with a somewhat dark feeling bassline, intense drums, and an energy that makes you want to be in the middle of a dark rave dancing with all of your friends."

Through the individuality of each artist with the fusion of modern music, the world is in for a treat.