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Callie Reiff ft. Louella - 'What Ifs'

An expanding journey of intricate indie beats that flow alongside booming dance undertones as Callie Reiff routes down a new era throughout 'What Ifs'.

Being no stranger to the world of renowned stages to the ongoing rise of attention; the New York-based artist and producer swims through an emotional journey of the past year with her latest offering and is helped by Australian singer-songwriter Louella's candid yet emotive vocals.

With the contrasting playful soundscapes with the vulnerable lyricism, Callie added: "The song is an emotional journey through the ups and downs with someone or even just with yourself. The past year has been tough for everyone, and we have all been ‘surviving on the what ifs’ and grappling with not knowing how things will pan out.”

As she hits the sweet spot with 'What Ifs', Callie Reiff latest release of 2021 prepares us for what's next.