Caity Krone Debut EP – Work of Art

Los Angeles native singer-songwriter Caity Krone has graced us with her beautifully structured debut EP 'Work of Art'.

Building off her previously released tracks 'Thank You for The Sunday Paper' and 'I've Been Lonely', 'Work of Art' is an EP full of innocent yet bright pop tunes. Opening with the title track, Caity delves into a love triangle that doesn't have room for her. Through soothing vocals and combined folk-pop melodies, Caity allows listeners to follow her journey. Alongside the title track, Caity shares her life through the lens of a music video (directed by Etiquette Haus) that sees Caity play a series of characters that embody feelings that is too relevant to the young artist who shows a vulnerability but maturity to her music.

Followed by the detailed and flippant single 'Hotel on a Mountain' and the intimate and heartfelt 'Thank You for the Sunday Paper', the EP gives listeners a confessional joy of storytelling and allows her to share her ability to blend a continued theme of rock, modern pop and folk.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the EP Krone said: " 'Work of Art' is about the way a person can sometimes feel like the undercurrent of your entire life. About adoring them while also being overly critical of them to try and shake yourself out of wanting them, about findings ways to reclaim your own confidence, your own magic, because it feels like you've had it all on the back burner for so long."

Closing off with a more upbeat end to the project with '21' and 'I've Been Lonely' - both of which power through her sharp and tender vocals, and lyricism that reflects her youthful vulnerability. As she takes on her influences of Carole King and Stevie Nicks to combine her love for earnest folk and timeless pop melodies, 'Work of Art' is a strong series of tracks that sees a young matured songwriter breakthrough the ranks of the industry.

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