Buppy - 'Violence'

At only 17-years-old, Los-Angeles rising artist Buppy is flowing in between melancholic hip-hop with a splash of pop-punk within his latest single 'Violence'.

With the helping hand of producer BOIA and his sister Eleanor Kingston; Buppy delves into the whirlwind of a toxic relationship as the lyricism pickpockets the breakdown of his journey. Through euphoric electric piano that is textured over the hard-hitting percussion, Buppy tips it over heights with his soft yet mature vocals; creating a perfectly fitting single to the year.

As he reflects the childhood he witnessed and the trials of growing up, Buppy explained: "'Violence' is a reflection of 'when love turns violent'", adding: "the mental manipulation and emotional trauma that cloud your perception of what it means to love as a teenager."

From growing up in the oaths of Utah to now embracing the joys of LA, Buppy has continued to follow his dream and 'Violence' sets him up to have one hell of a year ahead of him.

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