Bronze Avery: "I always share my art and use my platform in the most authentic way possible."

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The American pop singer-songwriter has broken into the music scene with his personal charisma and singles ranging from the upbeat 'Boys' to the hypnotic 'Anybody Else'.

But, his latest bouncy and dynamic tune 'Only You' is going to make him reach new levels as he described the song a "celebration" of Pride and "it provides a sense of relief and joy".

The up and coming pop singer who has graced our pride stages is proving to be a queer star to watch with his energetic and hypnotic tunes and meaningful lyrics.

Luckily Vibez Music was able to chat to the singer about what Pride means to him, the Black Lives Matter movement and his latest single 'Only You.'

Firstly, how important is Pride for you and do you believe the music industry does enough to show support?

Pride is extremely important to me because it reminds me that I'm able to do what I do and do it as freely as I can because of the pioneers who fought for my rights. It's a celebration of our differences. I think the industry benefits greatly from queer culture and artists, and although we're starting to be highlighted in our specific lanes, it'd be great to see labels add more queer artists to their roster. It will also be great to see more queer artists in mainstream playlisting so that our stories are just as valid and accurate as anyone else's.

How important is it for you to represent yourself and what you stand for in music and share it with others?

I always share my art and use my platform in the most authentic way possible so that the little kid version of Bronze would be proud. I must be honest so that people can watch me and feel like they can do it too.

With the Black Lives Matter movement happening right now, do you believe it's important to use your platform to express your feelings and educate others around you?

It's not just important to use your platform to spread awareness and resources about the BLM movement, it's crucial. The rights of so many are based on the momentum we can create as a unit to stand up to our government and demand justice and equality. It also doesn't stop there, as it's equally as important to have tough conversations with friends and family who may not agree with the movement. It's easy to post information, but it's difficult to have to use that information to educate others who already have a warped opinion.

(Photos by Justin Gilbert)

Do you believe that we are going to see a change in views in America and the wider world?

I think we'll start to see change, and in some ways, we've already seen how protesting has worked out to see real results. However, I think the change will be slow. Racism is what this country was built on, it's in the roots of our land, so it'll take the momentum of the movement and the destruction of racist systems to keep happening if we want real, lasting results.

Finally, you've released your latest song 'Only You' - what was the recording like and why did you release it now?

I made "Only You" in three hours while sitting on my couch and didn't change a lyric or melody. I love writing impulsively because the songs flow much better. I scheduled to release it for a Pride month, as it's a love and celebration song. However, the state of the world has changed drastically since then, and I considered halting the release but ultimately decided not to. It provides a sense of relief and joy during tumultuous joy and I wanted to show that black queer voices can be in the driver's seat for the entire creative process. It's important we continue to lift black voices.

Bronze Avery’s latest song is out now, and we can't wait for what the future holds for the artist.

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