Brite Spires - 'Futurist'

Splashed with the modern take of electronic-indie pop, Brite Spires tip and tap into their own identity to the everyday life of music and bring something new to the table within 'Futurist'.

Delved into the current world we live in and always looking ahead to the future, Brite Spires tease listeners with glam soundscapes alongside the flow of hinted, dystopian beats that come together with delicate vocal tones from the lead singer Bella Glanville.

Speaking about their latest single, Bella added: “With the way that the world is going, it already feels like we are living in the future. The past, the present and the future sometimes seem to combine into one moment. Things from the past are coming back into fashion, predictions for the future are already happening. It seems as though we can already see into what our world will turn into - then again, are we already there?”

With their debut album, We Built The Palace, just around the corner - the English based outfit latest track 'Futurist' is set for the summer dancefloors.

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