Breana Marin - 'Back Burner'

On the rise, Breana Marin tips and taps into the addictive wonders of popsicle RnB within her latest release, 'Back Burner'.

Acclaimed in the writing forte from working with Fifth Harmony to Keyshia Cole, the American singer-songwriter once again teases her artistry talent with the work of 'Back Burner'.

Encapsulated by the staple soulful vocal tones with the infectious blend of modern pop with old-school hip-hop productions, Breana work blossoms through the detailed lyricism that explores the complications of a partner worrying about the wrong things. Speaking about her latest work, Breana added: "‘Back Burner’ captures the emotions I was feeling at a time where the person I was with felt as if they needed to make more money, be more successful and accomplish specific goals before we could move our relationship to the next level."

With a collective work already to show from the past years, Breana Marin versatility and latest single, 'Back Burner', puts her ahead of her competitors for the future of music.

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