Bonze - 'Don't Wanna Go Back'

Alt-pop act, Bonze has gifted us his latest offering 'Don't Wanna Go Back', a mellow blend of synchronised electronic beats and captivating vocals that brings a fresh style to the music industry.

Taking inspirations from alternative sounds of the '80s, Jack brings a crisp style and moody sounds, that sets him out from others.

Speaking about the single, Jack added: "The song is about not going back to something or someone that is bad for you. But, no matter what you do, you know you'll give in and go back. It's about empowerment and vulnerability and inevitability. This sound had a bitter-sweet, lofi melody which described exactly how I was feeling at the time..."

From being championed throughout the BBC as one to watch to over a hundred thousand plays on his latest single 'Higher'; Bonze isn't going anywhere.

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