Bobby West - 'All My Years'

Only at the beginning of his solo career, the native North Liverpool based artist Bobby West depicts the world beneath him through gritty lullabies over shimmering guitars within 'All My Years'.

As he embarks on his new era that will come to life within 2021, West gives a peep into what listeners can expect as he paints the cruel world through beautiful lamentations of melodies that captivate listeners with a rare tone of authenticity within his vocals.

Originally formed after his writing partner demonstrated a rough demo that consisted of some chords with a glockenspiel melody; West bought it together that led to a romanticized moody ballad. Speaking about the track, West said: "My initial thoughts were that it sounded like a lullaby and that it would fit with a poem I had recently written for my girlfriend (apologising to her for being a miserable git)." He added: "It was one of the earliest ideas we actualised in this project, so it has been central to creating the sound of everything else we’ve done since."

From the joys of leading the world within Broken Man to now twisting through tales of love, bad romances and pitfalls of modern culture; Bobby West has years to dazzle the music industry.

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