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Bobbie Harvey - 'Send Me'

London-based singer-songwriter, Bobbie Harvey has delivered with her debut soothing and uplifting single 'Send Me'.

Inspired by her life experiences, Bobbie seeks to create music that will connect with people around the world. 'Send Me' takes listeners on a musical journey through an R&B style that's combined with a modern pop twist. As she blends uplifting beats with soothing pianos, her lyricism will hook with listeners due to the relatability and its captivating story-telling. 'Send Me' is a testament to Bobbie's versatility as a musician that offers a strong and catchy message making listeners wanting more.

Following on from her debut single, Bobbie hopes to develop her sound and bring together various elements of genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style. As she continues to delve into the music industry, Bobbie is becoming an artist to keep your eyes on.