Blossoms Live From 02 Brixton Academy

With live streams being the new cool and the closest things we can get to, Blossoms bought us an early Christmas present with their glistening virtual gig live from Brixton Academy. Fulfilled with the honing craft of a cosy set-up emphasised by the homely decor, the band bought us a true, gift within bad times.

Opening with the faded yellow glow of Christmas lights alongside the bordered lamps welcomed the first song 'Blown Rose'. Through the mellow arrangement with the soft strings of Tom's guitar; listeners received a subtle but powerful opener. Followed through with the upbeat 'The Keeper' (taken from their latest chart-topping album Foolish Loving Spaces) the band came together in a chilled manner that was pleasant to watch as they took the live performance in a strong, stride.

As listeners followed Ogden across the whole stage through the VR format of the 360-degree view; we watch him dance within the electronic atmosphere of 'Your Girlfriend'. With the band continuing to take the virtual gig in their own hands, there was a sense of how amazing this would be live - being the first time I've witnessed Blossoms performing I do hope to see them in person in years to come.

Through an hour-long set of old yet new favourites, Blossoms nostalgic sound has put them high up in the league of the music industry; proved through the anthemic 'Getaway' that's so easy to catch on. With listeners treated with new Christmas songs 'Christmas Eve' and 'It's Going to be a Cold Winter', the band closed off the rapturous performance with 'At Most a Kiss' and most popular 'Charlemagne'.

Whilst live-streaming of music is the look of the future there's, still the missing feeling of entering a gig to then walking out with the energetic buzz of live music.

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