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BK Pepper - Territories

Dublin composer and producer BK Pepper debut album keep you fixated from the minute the first piano key is played.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Conor Walsh, Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, BK combines a unique sound of classical and electronic music that has led to a beautiful debut to his name. Known for working on projects such as film soundtracks and advertisements BK Pepper long-awaited debut album allows listeners to take their own path of imagination.

Opening with the subtle slow-burner through gentle piano and pulsing background productions of 'Alert' which flows into the over-arching sonic of 'Island' that becomes more upbeat, BK allows himself to shift dynamics within the record. From the climatic strings of 'Tilt' to the crest interlude of 'Bridges' that leads to the cathodic track of 'Nations', BK has built a soundscape of ups and downs that emphasise the society we are living in- acting like an escape mechanism for listeners to delve into.

Speaking about the album, BK said: "The theme of Territories reflects how borders have become increasingly visible in recent years, with migration, trade disputes and now a global pandemic reshaping how territories are perceived, defined and enforced around the world."

Catching centre stage of the album is 'Colours' an alluring piece that takes listeners to a simpler time through sweet melodies joined by luscious strings. As they rise and fall in between each other, the minimalistic production is a bliss to our fantasy.

After many years of honing his sound, BK is heading into the right direction alongside his stunning instrumental debut that can't be missed.