Billie Flynn - 'Someone's Daughter'

As usual, we're late to the party but highly promising, singer-songwriter Billy Flynn follows up from the successes of her debut with the stunningly moving 'Someone's Daughter'.

Already proving her worth with the first offering of 'Hey Stranger', Cornish singer-songwriter is no stranger to the delicate strums of guitar strings with the simplistic backdrop of synth-laden undertones flowing between the yearning vocals. Evident in her most recent work and one that captures the emotions of 'Someone's Daughter'.

Speaking further of the track, Flynn immerses herself within the emotions and added: “This was a big song for me when writing it, it felt like a real release. I was struggling at the time, and I just had the thought that, if nothing else, I will always be a daughter, and that’s an important thing to be.”

With already gracing the coast of Boardmasters, Billie Flynn arrival of her soon-to-become trademark of music will soon be listened to by the many.

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