Beth George - 'Opaque Skies': Electrifying Alt-Pop

London-based alternative pop artist, Beth George has delivered a fiery electro-bop, as the first track of her upcoming LP 'Mindfields'.

Photo by Lohan Buson

Since captivating old and new fans during her lockdown releases, this single amplifies her well-established sound whilst maintaining her integral roots as a classical pianist. Taking influences from the likes of Banks, Sampha and Jack Garratt, Beth George creates an atmospheric and fierce production that expresses hope within the chaotic in mind.

Rising through the ranks of the music industry, Beth has discovered a love for electronic music and infused her background of being a pianist; that has created a contemporary twist of piano riffs accompanied by soulful vocals and infectious hooks.

After four years of writing and honing her visions, the LP "MINDFIELDS' is slowly coming to life, with 'Opaque Skies' to be the first track completed; with close friend Johan, in a bedroom studio. Speaking about the single she states: "Since writing it four years ago I've worked on the production with Johan in-between part-time jobs, travelling and through personal progression, so the track almost grows sonically in the way that I did." She extended: "Over time and through various life experiences I became more aware of the effects that our modern society has on the relationship with ourselves and the world around us, and this understanding gave me a sense of control and stability. I became bolder with my music as well as with my life decisions and now feel like I’ve finally found my feet within my music. Although I’m proud of my previous releases, none gave me the confidence and excitement that this one has. The title “Opaque Skies” expresses how I’ve broken through the dark clouds that were lingering over me. It sounds the way it felt and that’s exactly how I want all my music to be."

With plans of two more tracks to complete part one of the LP in the following months, Beth continues to present the theme of overcoming internal unrest in an honest and empowering way. And that's not the end for Beth as she will be then announcing the proceedings EP's "U" and "US"; bringing the final project to be released in April 2021.

As Beth continues to gain support from BBC Intro Kent along with her growing fanbase, her next project will sure create a buzz as her music is layered by ambient and vibrant production alongside passional vocals, expressing raw metaphors of a millennial diary.

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