Benji Lewis - 'Everything's Alright'

Australian singer-songwriter has graced us once again with yet another inspiring and dreamy single 'Everything's Alright'.

Over the last few months, Benji has perfected his songwriting and gave us the first taste with his soothing track 'Peaceful'. This is then followed by 'Everything's Alright' as he dips into the feeling of freedom and letting all your worries out.

'Everything's Alright' is beautifully crafted through synthetic beats and illusory rhythms that has created chilled electro/alt-pop which can be likened to a mix between and Shallou and Jeremy Zucker. As Benji delves into the creation of his new song he explains how it was written with his friend and regular collaborator, Golden Vessel, as well as the discussion and feelings that were flowing from them at that time. He also extended about the single and said: "This is a song of hope and of letting all your worries fall away, letting yourself breath, smile and enjoy the moment you're in."

As he embarks on new music through creative and unique electro/alt-pop that sets him out from others; we can't wait for what the future holds.

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