• Ross Mondon

Ben Kidson - (When I) Runaway

English alt-pop star has gone punk-pop for his latest release '(When I) Runaway'.

Hailing through the ranks, Ben Kidson has combined distorted grungy 90's guitars, with hip-hop drum machines and 808 basses; that creates a one-off brand that oozes everything pink and punk-pop.

'(When I) Runaway' exemplifies everything above, as his eloquent songwriting creates a lyrical verse that leads smoothly into a fiery chorus, that soars a mixture of de-tuned guitars and driving hip hop beat, that combines a fresh sound that is perfect for the new decade.

Ben Kidson jumps the right way sonically as he peeks into personal stories that address a former lover, the inability to form lasting relationships and the fear of being hurt again.

The rising artist, who has continued to grow, is destined for greatness.


Lois Rae Smith

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