Becky CJ EP - Woman

South London Becky CJ draws the curtain back and sweeps through her past life with a bittersweet yet joyful journey of her latest EP Woman.

Following a new direction from her previous work, Becky continues to grow and finally blossoms throughout the intoxicating showcase of a four-track project that delves into her sexuality and romantic feelings.

Opening with the lead single 'Losing Your Perspective', the singer-songwriter delves into the depiction of falling in love and brings the up and downs of her experiences alive with a whirlwind of dark pop. As she comes to the end of a striking introduction, listeners pop into the piano ballad 'I Think I'm In Love with My Best Friend'. With the subtle but poignant chords of the track along with the flow of the intimate vocal tone, Becky explores the first feelings she felt towards her now-girlfriend.

Whilst the first two tracks explore the feelings of romance, Becky searches through her sexuality with the title track 'Woman'. Keeping to her touches of profound alt-pop, the London riser introspective inspection on who she is emphasised through strong productions and comes to an end with the ever-growing love of 'I Could Never Love the Same'.

Speaking about the process of her latest EP, Becky said: "Writing Woman was therapeutic for me. Creating all four songs acted as mini therapy sessions as I came to terms with falling in love with my best friend and moving forward in our relationship. In the title track ‘Woman’, I sing about the many facets of being a woman; being a daughter, being a lover and being an explorer. Women are so beautifully complex, and I am so closely bound to the women in my life - this song celebrates them all. Overall, the EP is the end of a chapter for me. I have got to know myself inside out over the last two years whilst writing and completing these songs and feel I have been truly honest and open in my songwriting for the first time."

As a whole, Becky CJ latest EP is a beautiful transcript of fairy-tale love and one that many dream of in a time of chaos.

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