Beau Boulden - 'Unfold'

Brighton based Beau Boulden transpires the feelings we can't seem to change in a light but captivating, atmospheric soundscape within his latest release, 'Unfold'.

Through the echoed vocal tones with the subtle flow of layered melodies, the rising singer-songwriter firmly touches on the challenges we overcome in accepting the feelings we possess through effective simplistic lyricism.

Speaking about his latest release, Beau added: "Sometimes it seems like the right way to be feeling, but you know, deep down, it will never end up being good for you. You know that it's wrong, but you have almost lost yourself within your own powerlessness; you have started to unfold.”

Essentially changing it up and showing growth within 'Unfold', Beau first offering of 2021 is a euphoria of wonders and sets him out for the rest of the year.

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