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Bears In Trees - 'It Gets Better'

Uke-punk perfection from Croydon's Bears In Trees single 'It Gets Better'.

The first single from their forthcoming four-track EP is a more delicate release from the quartet that explores suicide and the strength to get better and an honest tribute to guitarist Nicholas Peters' best friends. Taking indie and emo influences, Bears In Trees have penned their own genre that has created a refreshing and relaxing single.

Speaking about the single, Nicholas Peters said: " I wrote It Gets Better after one of my closest friends tried to take his own life. I drove with someone else to see him in hospital, and beforehand we stopped at a Sainsbury’s to get him some snacks. Someone we loved dearly was in a hospital bed and we were fretting over trying to find him some vegan cookies." He also added: "He’s okay now, and I’m okay, and everyone seems okay. I wrote this song for him, and myself, and for everyone around me as a way to remind us that it’s going to get better. It just comes in small doses."

Since emerging onto the scene, Bears In Trees have built up a huge following in the last few years from thousands of followers across their social media to selling out gigs across the UK.

Bears In Trees are at the forefront of their own take of music and we can't wait for what the future holds for them.