bb sway - 'habits'

Hong-Korn born; London based bb sway is back with a dreamy slice of positive life changes within 'habits'.

Taking a bite of RnB with a light touch of pop, the singer-producer is becoming a new part of DIY talent as she takes euphoric soundscapes to our minds. With playful synths and mellow drums, the productions take listeners on a warm cosy journey as she takes on small actions as a luxury.

Speaking about the single, she said: "I wrote habits to help me with my mental health. When depression hits (at the time, it was SAD in particular), I think it’s important to stay active and be proactive in doing things that keep the mind and body stimulated. Writing ‘habits’ (and listening to it) helped me stay positive and remember that sad periods don’t last forever, and there are things I can do to help myself!"

Following on from her strings of singles, bb sway has been driven from a young age to create emotional healing music that brings a joy yet closure for her listeners.

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