Bailey Baum EP - Over It

Finally, we are blessed with the debut EP from the Los Angeles indie-pop singer-songwriter, after four years. Over It takes us on a personal journey of heartbreak and the deep-rooted confusion of love itself.

Photo Credit: Skylar Steinberg

Bailey Baum has not only released a beautifully immersive EP that dazzles us with subtly whimsical beats and sweetly delicate vocals but has shared a journal drenched in her own hidden tears. Over It is a pure, emotional story of a woman finding her way in this overwhelming, complicated, and scary world and at times, all we can do is listen and reflect on an upcoming artist who is creatively mature beyond her years.

As the 24-year-old indie-pop star reveals: "No book, movie, song, or person can really prepare you for the emotions you experience when heartbroken, so I wrote these songs as a way to navigate through my own heartbreak". So, to start the emotional ride, we hear the dreamy 'Over It' as it inspires us all to push through the painstakingly difficult times so we can experience delight. "No emotion or thought is invalid, but there is a light to the end of heartbreak."

We glide into the next two songs, 'Take Me All the Way' and 'Bad for Me', where we share Bailey's fear of letting go of someone even when we know it is the right thing for us to do. With each and every efflorescent beat, we drift away into our own wonderful nightmare. We then fall into the last two songs, 'Not Missing You' and 'Thinkin Bout Me', as Bailey's fears of letting go have now turned to the torment within in her own mind as we plunge deep into melancholic beats and angelic strings. Sometimes our downfall is from our own thoughts turning against us, but Over It is a lesson in growing from our experiences and learning to find fulfilment within ourselves.

Like all of us, Bailey Baum is discovering her own path through love, life and loss, but with her debut EP, she has shown elegant vulnerability that will empower young women to find love within themselves and to know it's ok to feel. We now wait for the next emotional journey we'll share with Bailey.

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