Bad Love: 'A Place For Me'

Sad-boy pop comes alive throughout Bad Loves' latest summer jam 'A Place For Me'.

The Manchester-based four-piece band have offered us a synth-heavy alt-pop single that combine the influences of The 1975, LANY and The Cure.

'A Place For Me' is a bittersweet and heartfelt track that follows a story about finding new love with someone that experiences trust and commitment issues due to previous heartbreaks. Delivered through infused retro synths with the combination of modern rhythms and memorable hooks; that flows with heartfelt lyrics. Elevated by the tender vocals that emphasise the charismatic frontman, Andy Gannon, that yearns for sincerity and vulnerability, all whilst taking centre stage describing the difficulties, we all experience in finding love.

Andy Gannon - frontman of the band - expands the story behind the single and said: "Everyone has been hurt, love is often tragedy and heartbreak isn’t like the movies. This song is about trying to move on and not carry your past with you. I’ve been on both sides; I've pushed people away and messed it all up because I wasn’t in the right place and I've been on the receiving end of someone else’s wrongs. Sometimes it’s about just not wanting to be seen through the lens of a previous love."

Following the band success from ongoing support from Spotify playlists and BBC Radio to now cementing their place in the music scene; Bad Love creates a hypnotic brand of pop music that is there to be enjoyed.

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