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Babeheaven - 'Don't Wake Me'

West London five-piece Babeheaven builds upon the dots of connection with the beautiful alt-pop crafted single 'Don't Wake Me'.

Following the hit single 'The Hours', life-long friends had to find a way to reach the next step of their journey, and they fulfil their achievements with the latest track, 'Don't Wake Me' that takes them into 2022 in full swing. Led by the delicate vocal tones of Nancy Anderson and the melancholic, rousing instruments & production of Jamie Travis, Babeheaven latest offering is an honest approach to the emotions we have felt these past years.

Speaking about their latest work, Nancy explained: "'Don’t Wake Me' is a song about feeling connected - in some ways to our belongings and some to our loved ones. I’ve gotten to the point in my life that when I go home (to my family home), it doesn't feel like home anymore. So lyrically, I was thinking about the feeling of home, home being with someone you love and the positions one accumulates in life.”

Continue to find the impossibility to put an exact finger on their work, Babeheaven finds themselves further down a rabbit-hole of genre-evading music, evident within 'Don't Wake Me' and their previous work, catching the attention of many.