Avgust Reign - 'Seasons'

Los Angeles based Avgust Reign embraces the feelings of moving on with the upbeat, innovative single 'Seasons'.

Fulfilled with the influence of her musical roots of living in both New York City and the DMV, the Maryland born singer-songwriter pushes her sound further with the self-written and produced track 'Seasons'. Whilst keeping to old-school beats, Reign soundscapes speak on the future of RnB.

Centred around letting go of the past and moving on, Reign treats listeners to the story of growth through emotive undertones and serene vocals with the flow of versatility that only Reign can possess. Whilst executing the sentiment of the track throughout, the rising artist understands the assignment of what's music has become.

With a debut album in the works and slowly raising a few eyebrows for only good reasons, Avgust Reign end to 2021 is becoming one no one expected.

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