Alys - ‘Be Alright’

Back-to-school may be fast approaching, but Alys is savouring the last slivers of summertime with her latest high-energy hit, 'Be Alright'.

The newest single from the English dance-pop upstart is an infectious summer jam centred on a love that conquers all. Reminiscent of 2010s hits from Clean Bandit, Kygo, and Robin Schulz, ‘Be Alright’ boasts a powerful vocal performance on top of a commanding dance hall soundscape.

The main instrumental theme of ‘Be Alright’ is established at the track’s onset - a vibraphone melody decorated with echoing electronic effects. Bright pianos, pounding bass drums, and on-beat claps follow, launching the song into its explosive chorus just as it passes the 40-second mark. It sounds tailor-made for a movie montage, every bit as euphoric as a chorus of this calibre should be. Even the lyrics have cinematic sensibilities — “We got all this loving, so why the hell won’t we be alright?”

In a pop landscape that can find itself shrinking with bedroom mainstays like Billie Eilish, Lennon Stella, and Charlotte Lawrence, Alys is striving for the opposite side of the spectrum. With “Be Alright,” the name of the game is go big or go home, and it looks like Alys is here to stay. Doubled vocals, deep synth basslines, percussive build-ups that come crashing down in the choruses — all the ingredients for a great dance track are present.

‘Be Alright’ is a busy instrumental offering, but Alys powerful voice sits above it all. With a richness that’s impossible to ignore, Alys switches between low verses and a shouty chorus at the top of her register with ease. Even in a more subdued bridge, her voice takes centre stage, never once drowned out by the dynamic instrumental display.

With a combination of classic dance hall elements and Alys’ unforgettable vocals, ‘Be Alright’ is irresistibly catchy. Perfectly suited to Alys’ TikTok audience of over 90,000 followers, the track is primed for 15-second soundbites and wastes no time making an impression. It’s a welcome addition to the carefree summer catalogue and just the beginning for Alys’ ear for pristine pop.

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