Alt Bloom - 'Getting To Getting'

Ethan Thompson AKA Alt Bloom has once again made himself known for the slick production of his seamless blend of alt R&B in his new single 'Getting to Getting'.

LA-based artist Alt Bloom has taken inspiration from his new relationship which he explains: "'Getting to Getting' is about the excitement you get when you go out to meet a person you're digging on and, you see that they're digging back. In, that moment the night turns into an over top heartbeat ride and this song is in the middle of that journey." Through infuse, introspection paired with atmospheric melodies, listeners delve into the feeling of escapism as they follow through his journey that is detailed by the selective lyricism.

Hailing from Montana and now based in Los Angeles, Alt Bloom free-spirited music is earning the ears of fans through a refreshing new soundscape. Following his acclaimed collaboration with rapper gnash and his blissful debut EP 'Astronaut Complex' hitting the right mark, Alt Bloom is looking out for his new ventures.

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