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All Night Dining - 'There Must Have Been A Reason'

Manchester-based band All Night Dining are back with a buzz as they craft together their debut single 'There Must Have Been A Reason'.

Written about the frustration of wanting answers from someone who is no longer part of your life, listeners delve into catchy melodies and pinpoint lyrics that tell a situation everyone is all too familiar. Alongside upbeat hooks and galvanized guitar riffs, All Night Dining engage listeners with a fresh and sharp single; that's going to make you have it on repeat.

Speaking about the single, singer and songwriter Caleb Cloran says: “It shows my selfish side I think, it’s like ‘I want this person to just ignore everything else and be with me.’ I was so caught up in the moment of it all, that when the rug was pulled, I just didn’t understand what happened. This isn’t an ‘I hate you why did you leave me’ type song. It’s more of an ‘I still love you, what went wrong?’. I’m trying to tell them how I feel, but I’m stopped constantly by the thought of losing sight of who I am.”

As the four-piece band formed in 2019, they have gone from atmospheric sold-out gigs to thousands of streams on their first teaser release 'Butterfly' earlier 2020. If you like the likes of Mariscans, Sam Fender and Sundar Karma, then why not check out 'There Must Have Been A Reason'.