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Alf Hale - Seven

Singer-songwriter Alf Hale has released his latest wonderfully understated album 'Seven'.

After a long break from touring across the world, Alf Hale has had one hell of a journey the past three years; from restarting his music journey in April 2017 with his debut EP 'Misanthrope' to now releasing his third studio album 'Seven'.

Recorded at Stage 2 Studios in Bath with Josh Gallop of Phoxjaw over a two-period, 'Seven', much like Hale's previous releases, channels the dark shortcomings of Southern Country, Folk and Blues pervade with his English charm.

Speaking about the writing process, Alf said: "I've kept the music quite understated alongside lyrical insights into the joys and hardships of living. This album is especially important to me as my eldest son Denver played bass on three of the tracks. A very proud moment for me."

Overall, the collection of songs that are held together through heart-to-heart lyrics and raw vocals; alongside delicate guitar strings create a set of storytelling which reminds us of his abilities as an artist.

Don't forget to check out Alf Hale's latest album 'Seven' here.